The Invisible Woman

The Invisible Woman in streaming. In 1857,eighteen year old English actress Ellen "Nelly" Ternan (Felicity Jones) is noticed by forty-five year old writer Charles Dickens (Ralph Fiennes) while she is performing at London's Haymarket Theatre. Soon after, he casts her, along with her mother (Kristin Scott Thomas) and sister Maria (Perdita Weeks), in a performance of The Frozen Deep by Wilkie Collins at Dickens' Free Trade Hall in Manchester. At a party following the performance, the famous author and the actress share a brief moment alone. Sometime later, Nelly and her family attend one of Dickens' readings at the Harrow Speech Room in London. Afterwards, Dickens is delighted to see Nelly again. Soon after, Dickens takes the Ternan family to Doncaster Racecourse and begins to spend more time with them. Having become disillusioned with his wife, who does not share his energy and passion for literature and ideas, Dickens cherishes his time with the young actress who shares his interests and passions. Nelly in turn loves spending time with the famous novelist.
Duration: 111 min
Year of release: 2013
Genres: Biography, Drama, History

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